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About me

In the heart of every photograph lies a story, and I am here to tell them. With a passion that ignited 16 years ago, my journey with photography has been a tale of love, transformation, and endless connections.

I am a storyteller at heart, driven by the profound desire to connect with people.Digital or analog, every photograph I take is a testament to my commitment to authenticity and creativity.Leaving the familiarity of my homeland behind, I embarked on a new chapter in Canada in 2018, where every snowflake and sunrise became a canvas for my lens.Starting from scratch was my hardest challenge, a daunting endeavor for someone deeply in love with the art of creation and the beauty of human connection. Yet, from ground zero, I rose, fueled by the courage of my passion. Along this journey, I met remarkable souls, my clients, who became not just patrons but partners in my creative odyssey. Their stories, their laughter, and their tears have been my driving force, propelling me forward in my artistic pursuit.

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